Formal President Jerry John Rawlings has warded off cases by previous Local Government Minister Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi that he came up short on an arrangement on the most proficient method to deliberately create Ghana.

Prof. Ahwoi in his book “Working with Rawlings” asserted that the NDC organizer didn’t comprehend the numerous specialized issues that were bantered during bureau gatherings.

He likewise blamed Mr. Rawlings of playing with toys or glancing through the window during bureau gatherings.

Mr. Rawlings in an announcement gave by his Office demands he had a dream for Ghana. He contends his fundamental objective as President was to give consumable water to the more extensive masses and furthermore disperse power to the whole nation.

Discover the approaches and inheritances related with previous President Rawlings as nitty-gritty in his Facebook post beneath:

President Rawlings has consistently expressed openly and proudly that all through his residency, he served his country with a group involved different specialists with various political affiliations every one of whom energetically contributed their ability and mind to the reason.

As a youthful Air Force official (in his twenties) who used to fly the nation over, previous President Rawlings encountered some distinct real factors the nation over. He and his pilot associates, would some of the time go to neighborhood markets in places like Yendi to buy some nearby produce. He saw elderly people men selling beans, sorghum, and so forth and set near their legs were compartments with an earthy colored looking liquid. He was stunned to the center when on inquiry, he would be educated that the filthy looking liquid was their drinking water. He felt tormented realizing that people in the urban regions were special to such an extent that they had the option to flush their latrines with clean water from the taps while those in the rustic zones drank Guinea-worm invaded water. Acknowledge it or not, this was our existence as a country. How could these encounters not have started a dream or a philosophical standpoint in this youthful pilot’s head?


Significantly all the more upsetting was the way that enormous patches of Ghana were without lights when he flew around evening time. His point of view started to accept a more genuine tone as he perceived the truth on the ground and the way that without power and water, the masses would be experiencing a troubled and upsetting unacceptable presence, while urban inhabitants stayed distant from the truth on the opposite side of the nation. A long time later, President Rawlings’ need normally, was the arrangement of consumable water for the more extensive masses and the dispersion of power to the whole nation. A dream he can gladly state he to a great extent observed to realization.

The subsequent stage in his vision for improvement was the development and preparation of provincial clinics over the whole nation. Without a doubt, in the good ‘old days (1980s) in the past Dr. Joe Abbey educated Flt. Lt. Rawlings that drugs for Government-run medical clinics couldn’t keep going for seven days. A most stunning circumstance! At that point, chronicled records will unmistakably show that help from Eastern coalition nations who could be viewed as normal partners was not approaching attributable to their own inward difficulties.


With the earnest need to supplement truly necessary social advancement extends, the PNDC Government had no choice except for to go West to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank, where we as a Government and a country left a mark on the world by characterizing our money related requirements, terms and strategy for usage to those foundations; prompting a total update in the manner in which the IMF and World Bank moved toward venture financing and execution comprehensively.

President Rawlings has consistently considered his to be and inheritance as an aggregate one that he trusts every one of them committed loyalists perceives as their own heritages also. It is stated, that it is a compelling pioneer that talks with and takes an interest in the backbreaking work of improvement, yet in particular trusts in the art, ability, and aptitudes of his group to convey on his and their aggregate vision. President Rawlings no uncertainty had a fabulous vision for Ghana, and an accolade for the committed nationalists who worked with him to understand this vision, to the extent practicable.

Source: Joseph Ackah-Blay


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